But if stories of debauchery on camping trips or while visiting Uncle Dick are of interest to you, you are welcome to read the following stories. Please check the story codes carefully. If after reading the story code and you find the material offensive, well, tough shit, you've been forewarned! Most men, and some women, have fantasies of sexual relations with young females, be they much younger women, ucte, or even little girls, as they should. For the vast majority of men, they remain fantasies. While the actual acts can be criminal by today's standards, the fictional act is just that, fictional, and no actual harm comes to anyone or any animal.

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While the actual acts can be criminal by today's standards, the fictional act is just that, fictional, and no actual harm comes to anyone or any animal.

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Also most men, heterosexuals included, have had one or more homosexual experiences during their lifetime whether they will admit it or not. I suspect that most of these initial experiences occur at an early age, as boys are very malleable creatures and eager to try new things. If it's a naughty and forbidden activity that must be done in secret, so much the better and that much more exciting. Depending on their overall mental health and self confidence, the effects of these homosexual experiences vary greatly from individual to individual.

For some men, the youthful homosexual experiment becomes a lifetime sexual preference. For other men, it fuels fantasies or perhaps becomes an occasional physical diversion adding a little spice to life from time to time, sort of a dash of Tabasco during a lifetime of feasting on pussy. For the vast majority of men I suspect it was just an experiment that fades into a memory and they move on.

Depending on the circumstances, the experience usually leaves no scars, but for some, the internalized stigma and guilt sometimes fosters a homophobia that can be downright unhealthy. To those unfortunate souls, get over it and stop being such a wimp, there are worst things in life other than being cornholed. The stories presented here are only meant as salacious entertainment for mature adults who understand the differences between fact and fiction and should not be construed as condoning or promoting sex between adults and minors.

Indeed, such acts should not occur in real life.

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Little girls, in particular, are treasures to be protected in real life, and those who abuse them deserve to be removed from society where they can become the cock-receptacles for some really scary dudes. Just as a story on the latest murder is not intended to promote murder, it is not cjat intent to promote a lifestyle nor to encourage criminal activity. Even if purported to be cgat, these stories are fictional stories; perverted perhaps, but fictional nonetheless.

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