NY Times October 5 2019 Mini Crossword Answers


We are sharing here all answers for NY Times Mini Crossword October 5, 2019 (ALL IN ONE PAGE). Scroll down and find them below. All answers together in one page! Enjoy!



1. Rudolph who plays Kamala Harris on “S.N.L.” – MAYA
5. Like the names Avery, Taylor and Harper – UNISEX
7. Food giant whose brands include Dreyer’s and DiGiorno – NESTLE
8. Daybreak – SUNUP
9. Change genetically – MUTATE
10. Undergrad program that includes Orgo and Biochem – PREMED
11. “Take this” – HERE


1. Identify incorrectly – MISNAME
2. Sharp as a tack – ASTUTE
3. Looked up, as restaurants on one’s phone – YELPED
4. Lumberjack’s tool – AXE
5. Waffling – UNSURE
6. Partner of spay, for a pet – NEUTER
9. Speed limit abbr. – MPH

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