NYT Mini Crossword June 1, 2019 Answers


We are sharing here all answers for NY Times Mini Crossword June 1, 2019 (ALL IN ONE PAGE). Scroll down and find them below. Enjoy!



1- “Parks and Recreation” star: POEHLER

8- Feeling before a public speaking engagement: ANXIETY

9- Substitute: REPLACE

10- Antlered animal: ELK

11- One might involve guessing the correct number of jelly beans in a jar: CONTEST

15- In some way: OFSORTS

16- Rises to the occasion: STEPSUP


1- Golfer’s goal: PAR

2- (6+5) – (4+3+2+1): ONE

3- Bill the company for, as a meal: EXPENSE

4- Good starting place for a sled ride: HILLTOP

5- Some unnamed sources for government reporters: LEAKERS

6- And so on: Abbr.: ETC

7- Jewish ___ (bread type): RYE

11- Prefix with “play” for a Comic Con attendee: COS

12- Frequently, to a poet: OFT

13- Letters between R and V: STU

14- One of 48 in a cup: Abbr.: TSP

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