NYT Mini Crossword May 11, 2019 Answers


We are sharing here all answers for NY Times Mini Crossword May 11, 2019 (ALL IN ONE PAGE). Scroll down and find them below. Enjoy!



1- Move to and ___: FRO

4- Group of traveling actors: TROUPE

7- Iconic Broadway role with a white mask: PHANTOM

8- Museum contents: ART

9- French pronoun: LUI

10- “You,” in the sentence “You are here”: SUBJECT

12- Suavely charming: SMOOTH

13- Affirmative response: YES


1- Bro-y college guy: FRATBOY

2- Friend of Harry Potter: RON

3- People often crowd around them at airports: OUTLETS

4- Low humming noise: THRUM

5- Feature of a pelican’s throat: POUCH

6- Radiate: EMIT

7- Drive around the car ahead of you: PASS

11- Slangy term for coffee: JOE


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