NYT Mini Crossword May 23, 2019 Answers


We are sharing here all answers for NY Times Mini Crossword May 23, 2019 (ALL IN ONE PAGE). Scroll down and find them below. Enjoy!



1- Movie rating that’s the complete opposite of “G”: XXX

4- Sub sandwich: HERO

5- Anxiety drug with a palindromic name: XANAX

6- Cold treat that comes in a swirl: FROYO

7- Analytic viewpoint: LENS


1- Gas below krypton on the periodic table: XENON

2- Features of dental exams: XRAYS

3- Loving letter signoff: XOXO

4- Relative of a rabbit: HARE

5- Failed early 2000s gridiron org. that’s making a 2020 comeback: XFL


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