NYT Mini Crossword May 4, 2019 Saturday Answers


We are sharing here all answers for NY Times Mini Crossword May 4, 2019 Saturday (ALL IN ONE PAGE). Scroll down and find them below. Enjoy!



1- One living abroad, for short: EXPAT

6- Big kiss: SMOOCH

7- Summer in the spring?: TAXPRO

8- The “S” of 8-Down: SAN

9- “___ favor” (Spanish “please”): POR

10- Fall in the winter?: FLAKES

12- St. ___ Basilica, Vatican landmark: PETERS

13- Bottom-of-the-bottle sediment: DREGS


1- Flow forth (from): EMANATE

2- Losing tic-tac-toe line: XOX

3- Jalapeño ___ (cheesy snack items): POPPERS

4- Down’s opposite for puzzle clues: ACROSS

5- Hammer wielder in the Avengers movies: THOR

6- Having less crunch, as potato chips: STALER

8- Bay Area law enforcement agcy.: SFPD

11- Beer dispenser at a college party: KEG

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